The Challenge

Standing 1,085m above sea level, Snowdon (Yr Wydffa in Welsh) is a popular destination for tourists and recreational ramblers alike. But for the hardened hillwalker this impressive peak has a treat in store! There are six official routes to the summit: The Llanberis Path, The Snowdon Ranger Path, The Miners' Track, The Pyg Track, The Rhyd Ddu Path and The Watkin Path. The Snowdon Six Challenge is simple: up and down three times, using each track only once. Assemble your team, pack your bags and pray for kind weather. This is not for the faint hearted.

The Route

1: You will need two cars to complete the challenge. The first should be left at the Bunkhouse and the second needs to be parked at the finish line before you begin.


2: Set off from the Cwellyn Arms Bunkhouse and walk along the road to the foot of the Rhyd Ddu path.


3: Start the watch when you cross the train tracks at the start of the Rhyd Ddu. Ascend the Rhyd Ddu, stop the clock and take a photo at the summit, refuel and descend along the Snowdon Ranger Path, restarting the watch when you depart.


4: The end of the Snowdon Ranger Path (Track 2) should be curtailed. When descending, head for the FARMHOUSE on the A4085 rather than the Youth Hostel (the traditional end-point of the path). Stop the clock when you hit the road and head back to the bunkhouse. Refuel before driving to the start of the Watkin Path.


5: Summit via the Watkin; desced via the Miners' Track. When you reach the Pen-Y-Pass Car Park, stop the watch and refuel.


6: Climb the Pyg Track, before selecting your team's fastest finisher to sprint the Llanberis Path in search of a quick time.


7: There is a TELEGRAPH POLE at the base of the Llanberis Path (the one before the cattle grid): Pass it to stop the clock. That's it! Your time is in the books and your names forever etched in time.

The Rules

1: The route begins at The Cwellyn Arms Bunnkhouse at the foot of the Rhyd Ddu. All six tracks must be traversed in the following order: the Rhyd Ddu, The Snowdon Ranger, The Watkin, The Miners' track, the Pyg Track and finally the Llanberis path.


2: Teams, which can be between 2 and 10 strong, are allowed the use of a car to travel between the end of the Snowdon Ranger (The Cwellyn Bunkhouse) and the start of the Watkin. A second car should be parked at the end of the Llanberis Path before the challenge begins. 


3: Teams are allowed a total of 3 hours break time, which can be used for eating, changing clothes and driving between start-points.


4: Only running time will be counted for the leader board.       


5: Your team must stay together for the first five tracks.. On the sixth track, however, the team is at liberty to split up...


The final stretch down the mountain is a race for glory. The fastest finisher in your team must push for the line to post the best possible time. Whoever has it in their legs must leave it all on the mountain for a shot at the top-spot. Having suffered together and supported each other over the first five tracks, one ironman will cross the line for you all. One track. One hero. One time...And then a well deserved pint...or six....

The Ultimate Six

1: The Ultimate Six is the most challenging variation on the traditioonal route. It requires a runner to summit the mountain six times in under 24 hours, utilising each track for one ascent and one descent each.


2: The suggested route is to ascend the Rhyd Ddu, followed by the descent/ascent of the Snowdon Ranger, the Watkin Path, the Pyg, the Miners, the Llanberis, and then the final descent of the Rhyd Ddu path.


3: Teams are allowed a total of 3 hours break time, which can be used for eating, changing clothes and driving between start-points.

The Ultimate Six Team Event

1: The Ultimate Six Team Event variant is the proposed format for a one-day, multi-team race.

2: Teams of five start together at the foot of the Rhyd-Ddu path in 20 minute intervals.


3: Marshals equipped with coloured rubber bangles are waiting at the foot of the other five paths: The Snowdon Ranger (blue), the Watkin (green), the Pyg (pink), the Miners (yellow), and the Llanberis path (red). At the summit, the chief marshal (nicknamed the Snowdon Samiad), is equipped with black bangles.

4: Every participant receives a black bangle upon summiting for the first time. Teams must wait for their final member to summit before they set off seperately, aiming to complete one route each and make it back to the summit to convene.

5: Each team member must collect the coloured bangle from the Marshal at the end of each track, before returning to the summit, where they will receive a second black bangle.

6: Depending on weather conditions, competitors are advised to wait in either Hafod Eryri or at the base of the trig point to await the arrival of their team. Once the team has reconvened and all bangles have been donned (15 in total), they can set off for home.

7: On the final descent, the team time is given to the third finisher, assuming the fourth and fifth team members finish within the one hour cut off zone of their third man.

8: The winning team will be announced once all competitors have finished, and the prizes awarded at the Cwellyn Arms.