The Challenge

Standing 1,085m above sea level, Snowdon (Yr Wydffa in Welsh) is a popular destination for tourists and recreational ramblers alike. But for the hardened hillwalker, this impressive peak has a treat in store! There are six official routes to the summit: The Llanberis Path, The Snowdon Ranger Path, The Miners' Track, The Pyg Track, The Rhyd Ddu Path, and The Watkin Path. The Snowdon Six Challenge is simple: up and down three times, using each track only once. Assemble your team, pack your bags and pray for kind weather. This is not for the faint-hearted.

The Route

1: The route begins at the GATE at the foot of the Watkin Path. Start the watch as soon as you touch the gate.


2: Ascend the Watkin path to the summit before descending the Snowdon Ranger path. This track ends at the Snowdon Ranger Youth Hostel. Take a split time here (this is the official end of the track and the next "transitional" section to the foot of the Rhyd Ddu should be timed separately).


3. Turn left along the A4085 and head in the direction of Rhyd Ddu. You will pass the Cwellyn campsite on your right after about half a mile before passing the Cwellyn Arms in the center of Rhyd Ddu about a mile later. About 100m later you will see the Rhyd Ddu path signposted to your left. Leave the road, and take a split time here as soon as you cross the railway tracks. We've nicknamed this transitional section the Cwellyn Dash and, as with every track, records will be kept of the time it takes runners to complete it. 

4. Next, ascend the Rhyd Ddu path to the summit. 


5: Once you have completed the Rhyd Ddu, descend via the Miners' Track until you hit the Pen y Pass Car Park. From there you can easily access the fifth track and final ascent, the Pyg Track.


6: Defeat the Pyg and prepare yourself for glory. Only the Llanberis Path awaits. It's the longest but most gradual of the six and perfect for a sprint finish. Steel yourself for the line and set off with the wind in your sails.


7: There is a GATE at the base of the Llanberis Path, next to a cattle grid spanning the road. Touch the gate to stop the clock (don't run over the cattle grid at full speed — we've seen that end badly).


That's it! Your time is in the books and your name is forever etched in time.

The Rules

1: All six tracks must be traversed once each in the following order: the Watkin, the Snowdon Ranger, the Rhyd Ddu, the Miners' Track, the Pyg Track, and, finally, the Llanberis Path.


2: The clock starts when you touch the Watkin gate; it ends when you touch the information board at the base of the Llanberis Path.


3: You may not use any mode of transportation during the challenge (no bikes, cars, microlights, kayaks, hang-gliders, dirt bikes, etc.). This is a man or woman against the mountain kind of thing.