"We'd been talking about it for years: occasional daydreams, chats in the pub, throwaway allusions to this made-up event... I'm not sure we ever thought we'd actually do it. We probably shouldn't have tried..."             


But try they did. Three men, two generations, one dream: to climb Snowdon three times in one day, traversing each of the six established tracks. Sounds easy, right?


Originally conceived as a ceremonial event to celebrate the 60th birthday of Dr John Nudds, seasoned fell runner and stand-up bloke, the epic undertaking pushed JRN and his sons, Rob and Tim, to the limits of, perhaps not physical endurance, but mental anguish. 


The temptation to quit faces you at the end of each track (the Llanberis rail service will tempt the weak-willed at every summit). There is no escaping the possibility of escape. And to be offered relief five times and carry on in spite of the cramps, strains, fatigue, and discomfort, takes real guts.


They made it, by the way. So if they can, why can't you?


There are a lot of things to consider when attempting the Snowdon Six Challenge such as tactics, pacing, how many eggs (if any) you should eat before you set off (John says zero; Rob says at least three)...


Here are our top tips for a successful and enjoyable day out:


1: Stay at the CWELLYN ARMS BUNKHOUSE. It does mean you'll need to travel to the start of the route at the Watkin path, but this location affords you excellent views of the mountain, the option of wonderful food and beer at the associated Cwellyn Arms pub in Rhyd Ddu, and will enable you to get closer to the spirit of the challenge.


2: The day before you attempt the event, drive a car to the foot of the Llanberis Path so you will be able to get home.


3: Head up to the Pen y Pass Car Park en route to Llanberis and hide a couple of liters of water behind one of the dry stone walls. You'll be passing through the Car Park after your second descent (the Miners' Track). 


5: Ensure you have a change of clothes to hand should the heavens open and soak you to the bone.